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Automatic Teller Machines
Site Listings

ATMGurus - ATMGurus features multi-brand parts, repair and training for ATM estates of all sizes.

Automated Teller Machine Services, Inc. - Provider of ATM sales, service and transaction processing.
Absolute Financial Services - Provides new and refurbished ATMs and related equipment.
Access Cash International - Independent provider of ATMs and related services.
Advanced Network, Inc. - Provides ATM sales, services and transaction processing.
Advent Associates, Inc. - Worldwide provider of ATMs, parts, technical support and custom programs.
AmericaOne - Provides ATM hardware, software, processing and communication technologies.
Atlanta Computer Group - Purchases, sells, and leases new and used ATMs and ATM parts.
AtlasATM - Installs and operates ATMs with a revenue sharing plan.
ATM America, Inc. - Provides sales, leasing, placement and servicing of ATMs throughout the US.
ATM Industries, Inc. - Provides refurbished ATM machines and parts worldwide.
ATM Industry Association - Alliance promoting the proliferation of automated teller machines.
ATM Management - Offers sales, service and management of ATM machines.
ATM Marketplace - Features news, research, used machines and comparison of current models.
ATM Money Machine - Offering ATM placement, monitoring and maintenance services.
ATM Reps Inc. - Provides ATM sales and leasing services.
ATM ServNet - Provides service for all major brands of ATMs anywhere in the United States.
ATM Specialties, Inc - Supplier of a wide variety of ATM-related products.

ATM Surcharges - Provides background information, resources, and advocacy tips concerning surcharges that ATM owners impose on customers of other banks, in addition to the standard interchange fee.
ATM Tix, Inc. - Developed a technology that delivers entertainment tickets at existing bank ATMs.
ATMC, Inc. - Provides ATM Sales and service.
ATMDIRECT - Authorized Newfoundland reseller of Tranax machines.
ATMIA Europe - Provides information about the ATM industry in Europe.
ATMMidwest, LLC - Missouri-based provider of ATM machines.
ATMs of the South - Provides sales and support for machines, primarily through the Southeast.
Automated ATM Solutions - National direct distributor of non-bank owned automated teller machines.
Automated Teller Machines - Provides equipment and lease terms for operating an ATM as a business opportunity.
Automatic Bankcard Services, Inc. - Sales and service of ATMs covering the US and Canada.

Bancorp Ltd. - Provider of ATM systems, with transaction processing and management.
Bankers Exchange - International provider of new and refurbished ATM parts and bank equipment.
Bantek West, Inc. - Provides FLM, deposit pulling, balancing, and armored services on ATM machines.
Bear Financial Equipment - Wholesale and retail sales of new and refurbished financial equipment.
Cabe and Cato - Georgia-based provider of ATM sales and services.
Can Do Cash Limited - Provides POS kiosks, automated banking machines and POS debit terminals.
Cash N Go - Canadian firm offers ATM sales, installations, servicing, and transaction processing.
Cashflow ATM - Provides ATM sales, leasing, installation and placement.

ChanMar Company - Provides ATMs, check cashing, and smart-cash machines for lease or purchase.
Companion Systems - Designs and manufactures enclosures for brand delivery in financial services and interactive kiosks.
Couvrette Building Systems - Design and engineering firm that manufacturers ATM kiosks, canopies, toppers and cassette carriers.
DAS Express ATM - Tennessee provider of ATM sales, service and transaction processing.
DirectCash ATM - Canadian provider of independent ATM solutions.

E-Xpress Payment Systems - Handles service, sales, leasing, placement and processing of ATMs.
EFT Datalink - Transaction processor for standard funcionality ATMs and Point of Sale systems.
Electronic Cash Systems, Inc - Provides sales and leasing of ATMs to merchants, dealers and individuals.
ePay Incorporated - Provides automated teller machine installations and service nationwide.
Financial Technology Solutions International - Offers solutions for ATM sales, installation, refurbishment, standards, and maintenance.
FiSource, Inc - Offering refurbished and reconditioned ATM machines.
IBM Self Service Solutions - Provides cash dispensers, ATMs and banking kiosks.
Impact Imaging and Animation - Provides custom processing screens for automatic teller machines.
Infocash - Operates cash points in stores and outlets throughout the UK.
Inkas ATM Division - Canadian firm specializes in atm sales, installations, servicing and replenishment.
International Merchant Services - Provides sales and leasing of automated teller machines.
Kwik Kash ATM, Inc. - Offers installation of ATM machines, hardware, software and servicing.
Mastercard/Cirrus ATM Locator - Provides an online search platform to locate an ATM anywhere in the world.
Member Access Pacific - Provides your members with ATM transactions and shared deposit-taking nationwide.
Merchants & Farmers Bank of Dumas - Serves its customers from two Branch locations and one Automated Teller Machine in Dumas.
Mobilmoney, LLC - Provider of mobile automated teller machines to special events.
Money Marketing, Inc - Information on leasing or owning an ATM machine. - ATM dealer offers bank security systems and ATM maintenance.
Pi Systems - Provides ATM sales and service and refurbished equipment.
Platinum Financial Systems - Provides sales and leasing of all major brand ATMs, and business opportunities for selling ATMs.
Premium Armored Services - ATM-only armored car company providing cash and maintenance services for ATMs.
Quik Cash ATM - A full service provider of transaction processing and ATM systems management.
Scott Tod Developments Ltd - UK-based uppliers of cash handling equipment, including ATMs, counting and change machines.
Scrip ATM - Authorized reseller of Triton cash machines.
Shazam - Regional network that provides EFT products and services to community financial institutions.
SourceTronics, Inc - Provider of ATM processing services and ATM program management.
SPC International Banking - Supplies new and refurbished banking equipment and sub assemblies.
Swipe USA - Provides sales and free placements of Tranax and Triton machines.
The ATM Warehouse - Marketplace for ATMs for sale by financial institutions.
The Bailey Group - Provider of ATM services and technical support.
Tidel Engineering, Inc - An international supplier of automated teller machines.
Triton - Manufacturer of off-premise ATMs. Includes product data, news and events, distributors, and employment.
Trusted Security Solutions - Provides solutions for establishing unique ATM cryptographic keys as required by major networks.
XtraCash ATM - Provides ATM sales and service, and terminal management programs.


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