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Home > Articles > Carbon Investment Is A Pr Winner
Carbon Investment Is A Pr Winner

Google, UPS and General Motors are among the big names to have made a significant carbon investment over the past few years, investing either in carbon offsetting projects such as Google’s renewable energy investments, or buying carbon offsets to neutralize their carbon footprints.

Google’s carbon investment has perhaps been the most high profile, with every other week recently seeming to bring news of a new multi-million investment in a renewable energy project. Google now claims that as a result of its low carbon investment project strategy, it now considers itself to be a fully carbon neutral company. Microsoft and Apple have also had notable low carbon investment strategies, using data centres run on entirely low or zero carbon renewable energy technologies.

Further down the corporate chain, Eco Friendly Tiles, a company professing to be the UK’s first carbon neutral tile company, has recently launched in a blaze of publicity. It’s low carbon investment strategy means that it follows Carbon Neutral protocol, a company providing PAS 2060 carbon neutrality certification. This extends to its supply chain and manufacturers chosen carefully for sharing the same approach to a low environmental impact.

Low carbon investment strategies obviously have a cost. So why is it that companies increasingly believe that it is worth either eroding their profit margins to do so, or that their clients are willing to pay a premium because they have done? Mr Neuhaus, one of the founders of the Eco Tile Company believes that from building design to products, carbon neutrality, or at least low carbon impact is now the default mantra for modern business, and will become increasingly so. As such, low carbon investment strategies now are not only ideologically preferable, but increasingly necessary to companies who wish to build for the future. Corporations clearly believe that a low carbon investment strategy brings them kudos and is vital to their corporate image.

The London Olympics is marketing itself strongly as a being the first ever carbon neutral Olympics. The fact that the torch design failed to achieve full carbon neutrality due to its use of propane gas, even raised criticism. This is more realistically simply the pleasure in picking holes in a claim, rather than a true criticism, but nonetheless, the very fact that such issues attract such scrutiny is in itself a sign of increasing public awareness.

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